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Features & Benefits

One-Click Shortening

Easily shorten all the links in your social posts with a single click, saving time and effort.

Detailed Analytics

Gain insights into link performance with data on clicks, devices, and locations to better understand your audience.

Custom Domain Use

Use your own custom domain in the short links to match your brand, making each link unmistakably yours.

UTM Codes Support

Enhance your marketing strategies with UTM codes, allowing for detailed tracking and analytics of your campaigns.

Frequently asked questions.

Simply go to Link Shortener, and click activate, and all your links will be shortened.

Yes, Nuelink allows the use of custom domains, providing a unique branded experience for your links. We automatically issue a FREE SSL for each domain for maximum security.

Nuelink provides detailed analytics, including link clicks, devices used, and geographic locations, among others.

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