Change for the better

We asked our customers “What changed for the better since you switched to Nuelink?
Here’s just some of what they said

profile pic Joseph Segal Author/Educator at JosephSegal.com

"I fell in love with Nuelink after trying the platform. It is very intuitive and is packed by a lot of features. I have always planned on subscribing to a social media scheduler, it was Nuelink who sealed the deal. Now I can write as much content as I can in one seating and just schedule them and even automatically cross-post them across platforms. BONUS: growing community and very supportive founder!"

profile pic John Carlo Cardenas Social Media Manager

profile pic Nadine Heir Head of Content at Aument

"I love the ease of use and multiple features available that makes Nuelink my one-stop shop when it comes to posting to social media. No need for other tools any longer. Support has been great and VERY responsive when it comes to questions and feature requests and I hope this behavior continues into the future."

"Nuelink is an amazing tool for anyone looking to save time and effort when it comes to managing their social media accounts. With Nuelink, you can schedule posts, automate responses, and stay organized – all in one place. Even for updated Reels, Tiktoks, Shorts and coming with great automation recipe! Nuelink is an invaluable resource for busy professionals and I highly recommend it!"

profile pic Niko Julius Founder Upgraded.id

"If you're looking for an all-in-one social media automation platform, then Nuelink is definitely the way to go. Not only is it user-friendly and intuitive, but its powerful features make content planning a breeze. Plus, with the built-in automations, you won't have to manually post on multiple platforms-Nuelink will do it for you."

"Nuelink's ability to automate the management of several corporate social media accounts has proven invaluable to me. The WooCommerce tools for automating routine tasks are quite well-made and useful. Thanks to this, my company's social media management is now streamlined and hassle-free."

"I love Nuelink for several reasons. Firstly, as a Digital Marketing Agency, we find it incredibly beneficial for managing our customers' accounts. Nuelink consistently introduces a wide range of new features every month, which keeps our work dynamic and allows us to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing digital landscape...

profile pic Joel Dakhoff Marketing Manager, SEPHIROTEC GmbH

"Nuelink is very easy to use. With Nuelink you can schedule content for months in one good with its powerful automation features and still gets the job done. It covers all the major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Even supports Instagram Carousels and Facebook Group posts also. Its a features rich product, total value for money.

Dinesh Naik Digital Marketer

"It's a great tool for social media automation and has a lot of useful features geared towards eventually automating the process even further. The team is also very active and constantly updating the platform and adding more features. As is, the UI is nice and everything works efficiently. I appreciate the automation-first workflow that its current features promote."

"I was pleased with my experience using Nuelink, from the user-friendly platform to the convenient payment options. The customer support team is helpful and responsive, making sure all questions and concerns are answered properly. I particularly enjoyed their automated systems, which allowed me to easily manage my account without having to call or check in manually. Overall, Nuelink was a great solution for my needs."

"Automations and collectionsIt's amazing to be able to post on auto-pilot using online store connectors (we use it on a shopify store). You just set and forget, something that's invaluableThe scheduler is essential but works well The development pace is great and they're always launching features and fixing things to improve the app."

"I’ve been using Nuelink for a month now and so far it’s great! The automations are fantastic. Saves you tons of time scheduling social media content. Support is fantastic as well. Fast response and resolution to any questions."

profile pic Laura Tate Writer, Editor, Social Media and Content Marketer

"This is a relatively new entry to the world of social media automation. It's already competing with some of the more established products. I regularly use 4+ competitors and find Nuelink to be easy and efficient. They're also quickly adding new features, and listening to customer input."

"Super easy and fast learning curve. Support is phenominal. Upgraded to expand my plan because it saves me time and and helps keep things organized for myself and my team. I am looking forward to more updates and to see this product grow. Highly recommend."

profile pic Gloria Ochoa Social Media & Information Technology Strategy

Here’s another 500 testimonials. Read ‘em, or try Nuelink and see the difference yourself.