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If you want to grow your professional network, get the job you desire, or promote your B2B services on LinkedIn, then posting occasionally won’t do the work. Consistency is essential, and Nuelink makes it easier.

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Direct scheduling

Schedule and publish LinkedIn posts, carousels, videos, and polls directly from Nuelink.

LinkedIn carousels

Schedule and publish LinkedIn carousels to share your content in a comprehensive and organized way.

AI writing assistant

Generate by a prompt, rephrase, and improve your LinkedIn captions to seize maximum attention.

Follow-up Comment

Add more hashtags, links, or information related to the original post in the comment section, to reach more engagement.

Hashtag manager

Generate, organize, and save relevant and trending LinkedIn hashtags to use for your future LinkedIn posts.

Recycle LinkedIn content

Reshare the same content multiple times to get the maximum results from it. Select posts to be shared either at once or repeatedly.

Link shortener

Use the link shortening feature in Nuelink to track the performance of all the links shared on LinkedIn. Nuelink automatically shortens and provides detailed insights for each link.

Organize and categorize your LinkedIn content into custom collections

The collection is like a separate folder for specific kinds of posts. Each collection has its own posts, its own social channels, and its own time slots. You can sort and group LinkedIn content by carousels, articles, or any other type of content, making it simpler to locate and manage specific kinds of content when needed. Each time you add a new post to a collection it will align with that collection's settings. 🗂️ E.g. Create a collection called "Educational Carousels"
🎯 Set it to post on your LinkedIn profile
🕑 On every Monday at 12:30 PM, and Friday at 11:00 PM

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Schedule months of LinkedIn posts and reels with one click using a single CSV file

Use the bulk import feature to schedule up to 100 LinkedIn posts, carousels, videos, and polls using a single CSV file. First, input your content into Google Sheets, and customize captions, dates, and other settings for each post. Then, download and upload the file to Nuelink. Nuelink will automatically schedule the posts based on your adjusted settings.

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Get more traffic by automatically sharing your blog articles on LinkedIn

Sharing your articles with your LinkedIn connections can give your blog a traffic boost, and Nuelink makes doing so effortless. Simply connect your blogging platform with Nuelink, set up automation, select LinkedIn as a target channel, and let Nuelink automatically publish your new articles on your LinkedIn account according to the automation settings. P.S. You can do the same with products or podcast episodes

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Cross-post your LinkedIn posts to Twitter (X), Facebook, and Pinterest

Save time and effort with Nuelink's LinkedIn cross-posting feature. Rather than manually posting the same content on different social media channels, you can simply set up a LinkedIn cross-posting feature, select the channels where you want to share the same LinkedIn post, customize your cross-posting preferences, and let Nuelink handle the rest. Publish once on LinkedIn, and watch it automatically appear on all four social channels.

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Gain LinkedIn insights with Nuelink:
Know what works

Embrace a data-driven approach on LinkedIn with Nuelink. Gain detailed insights to understand what works and what doesn't. Nuelink tracks every impression, like, comment, share, click, and engagement, highlighting your top-performing posts. These insights are regularly updated for the last 7, 14, and 30 days and can be easily downloaded.

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Frequently asked questions.

Yes, you can schedule and publish LinkedIn carousels using Nuelink.

Click here, and follow the steps provided in this article.

Currently, the limit is set at 150 MB, but we’re planning to increase it soon.

Of course, we support WordPress, Blogger, Ghost, and many other blogging platforms.

Of course, we are supporting Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, and many other E-commerce platforms.

Of course, we are supporting Captivate, SoundCloud, Anchor, and many other podcasting platforms.

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