For more audience engagement in your Telegram groups or channels, use Nuelink!

To maximize the benefits of Telegram, Nuelink assists you with advanced scheduling features for your Telegram channel or group, whether it's public or private.

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Direct scheduling

Schedule, plan, and organize your Telegram content directly from Nuelink.

Polls scheduling

Engage more with your subscribers and group numbers by scheduling polls in advance, and you can bulk import them as well.

Link shortener

Turn all your links into a short link with one click and track their clickthrough statistics, source, and more.

Follow-up Comment

Add more links, or information related to the original post in the comment section, to reach more subscribers and members.

Organize and categorize your Telegram content into custom collections

The collection is like a separate folder for specific kinds of posts. Each collection has its own posts, its own social channels, and its own time slots. You can sort and group your Telegram content by different criteria such as updates, offers, and more, making it simpler to locate and manage specific kinds of content when needed. Each time you add any type of Telegram content to a collection it will align with that collection's settings. 🗂️ E.g. Create a collection called "Product offers"
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Schedule months of Telegram content with one click using a single CSV file

Use the bulk import feature to schedule up to 100 posts and polls using a single CSV file. First, input your Telegram content into Google Sheets, and customize captions, dates, and other settings for each one. Then, download and upload the CSV file to Nuelink. Nuelink will automatically schedule and share your Telegram content based on your adjusted settings.

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Share your most recent products, articles, or podcast episodes with your Telegram audience.

Telegram is an overlooked marketing tool. It can boost your traffic, likes, views, and sales. With Nuelink, you can reshare your latest products, articles, and podcast episodes with your Telegram group or channel. Simply activate platform automation, select Telegram as your target channel, and you're all set. Every time you share something among the mentioned items, it will automatically be posted on your Telegram channel or group.

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Frequently asked questions.

You can connect it the same you can connect your Telegram group which is provided in the following article: How to Connect your Telegram Group Page to Nuelink.

No, your audience won't know that you used Nuelink, your texts will show up as you just wrote them.

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