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Instagram Line Break

Create visually engaging Instagram captions and bios using line breaks, avoiding the use of periods '.' and commas ',' for spacing.

How to add line breaks to your Instagram captions

  1. Write Caption

    Write or paste your intended Instagram caption in the text area above.

  2. Format Caption

    Format the Instagram caption exactly how you want it to look with the line breaks. Click 'Enter' to skip a line.

  3. Generate & Copy

    Tap the "Generate & Copy Caption" Button

  4. Paste

    Paste it as your Instagram caption and post!


Frequently asked questions.

Instagram doesn't allow users to create line breaks in captions. Paragraphs always merge together after you share your post, even if they appear separated in the preview. The Instagram Link Breaker enables you to separate your paragraphs with a line break without having to use characters such as '.'

  • Open the Instagram Line Break tool
  • Paste your Instagram caption on the text area
  • Format your text as you want it to appear on Instagram
  • Click ‘Enter’ to skip a line
  • Click on ‘Generate & Copy Caption’
  • Paste the result on your Instagram post

No limit. However, the Instagram captions limit is 2200 characters, including line breaks.

Yes, each line break is considered one character.

Yes, it's completely free.

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