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Thread scheduling

Compose, preview, and schedule your threads, including the ability to schedule up to 100 threads at once.

Auto retweet

Auto-retweet all your tweets at a specific time of your choice to reach audiences in different time zones.

Hashtag manager

Generate, organize, and save relevant and trending Twitter hashtags to use for your future posts and threads.


Transform your ordinary captions into threads with just a single click in a matter of seconds.

Follow-up Comment

Encourage retweets and automatically share relevant links or information in the comments.

Organize and categorize your Twitter content into custom collections

The collection is like a separate folder for specific kinds of posts. Each collection has its own posts, its own social channels, and its own time slots. You can sort and group Twitter content by topic, the format of content, or any other criteria, making it simpler to locate and manage specific kinds of content when needed. Each time you add a new thread or a post to a collection it will align with that collection's settings. 🗂️ E.g. Create a collection called "Daily News"
🎯 Set it to post on Twitter
🕑 On every Saturday at 12:30 PM

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Schedule months of Twitter posts and threads with one click using a single CSV file

Use the bulk import feature to schedule up to 100 Twitter posts, and threads using a single CSV file. First, input your content into Google Sheets, and customize captions, dates, and other settings for each post. Then, download and upload the CSV file to Nuelink. Nuelink will automatically schedule the posts and threads based on your adjusted settings

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Cross-post your Twitter posts to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest

Rather than manually posting the same content on different social media channels, save time and effort with Nuelink's Twitter cross-posting feature. Simply set up your Twitter cross-posting, select the channels where you want to share the same Twitter post, customize your cross-posting preferences, and let Nuelink handle the rest. Publish once on Twitter, and watch it automatically appear on all other social channels P.S. You can do the same with products or podcast episodes

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Double your sales, and get more traffic to your blog by automating your products and article sharing on Twitter

Share your products and blog articles on your Twitter profile with Nuelink automatically. It supports all the popular e-commerce and blogging platforms. Simply set up automation for your chosen platform(s), select Twitter as the target channel, and adjust your automation settings. Nuelink will automatically publish your new articles and products on Twitter whenever you add them. P.S. You can do the same with podcast episodes as well.

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Frequently asked questions.

Posts, threads, videos, and polls.

Yes, with Nuelink you can create threads with individual images, gifs and video on each subtweet.

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