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X or Twitter Character Counter

Ensure that your Twitter tweets, profile name, user handle, and DMs align with Twitter's character limits. Our Instagram Character Counter displays the character count and remaining characters as you type.

* we use X/twitter's official text library for precise characters counting.

Your tweet/post is 0 character long. 280 characters remaining.

Tweet: 0/ 280 Profile Name: 0/ 20 User Handle: 0/ 15 DM's: 0/10,000

Frequently asked questions.

The limit for a Tweet is 280 characters.

The limit for Twitter DM is 10,000 characters.

The limit for Twitter user handle is 15 characters.

The limit for a Twitter profile name is 20 characters.

Yes, one break line counted as one character.

Yes, one space counted as one character.

URLs are counted within the limit, but they are always counted as 23 characters no matter how long they are.

Yes, one emoji counted as two characters.

Yes, hashtags counted as characters on Twitter

Yes, the Twitter character counter is completely free.

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